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📌 Please read this before following:

This is my alt Mastodon account and it is intended for a more limited and intimate audience.

My plan is to leave this account locked for now and to accept follow requests only from people who are already mutuals of mine on my main (unlocked) account:

So if we haven't interacted that much before, please let's do that through that account first :blobcat:

Lots of love :blobheart:

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By the way, I apologize in advance if I send a follow request to an account of yours if you would prefer me not to follow it. I won't take offence if you decline my request!

Apparently .club domains are having registry issues, so I am enjoying this moment until the time the same thing happens to .coffee

covid, comparing Italy and the USA 

I feel safe here in Italy, in a place where everyone wears their face mask in indoor spaces. The worst I can see is the occasional person who doesn’t cover their nose, but every person has a mask. And they’re often surgical or even FFP2 (N95) masks, not unwashed bandanas.

After a month spent in a place that had given up in fighting the pandemic while it was going through its worst wave of infections ever, staying here feels much, much safer.

It's a bit late, but I finally made these two custom emoji: :olympics: and :no_olympics:

Current mood: I just looked up “All Star minor key” on YouTube

Ooof, those times when you are watching a movie, you stop it because someone interrupts you with a series of text messages, and when their messages are over you no longer feel immersed in the movie and you struggle to resume watching it because now the movie feels like an extraneous story

currently relaxing to lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to

Here's an emoji that I would have loved to use multiple times this week: a lit matchstick

I am glad to learn that my AC is not broken, it was just my housemate who needed an extra socket so he took a random plug off. (To be fair, the socket is in his bathroom.)


The season of iced coffee has officially begun :blobsip:

The theme of today’s therapy session has been: 

Also, when my therapist asked me about a negative memory from my childhood, while we were doing an imagination exercise a week ago, my mind went blank. I could not thing of anything.

Today we just talked (and went meta talking about that exercise) and I came up with four or five examples from my youth.

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The theme of today’s therapy session has been: 

I am still harbouring much anger for the way I was raised, and I wish I was taught earlier to allow myself to disobey authorities.

NB-misia, bigotry, birdsite 

Why did I check the Italian twitterers' reactions to the Demi Lovato news? It's the same unfunny joke hundreds of times

If you are reading this, please tell me: Are the emoji in the toot I'm replying to displayed correctly in your instance?

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my Eurovision Song Contest 2021 top 10 

1 :esc_ukraine: Go_A - Shum
2 :esc_russia: Manizha - Russian Woman
3 :esc_malta: Destiny - Je me casse
4 :esc_belgium: Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place
5 :esc_france: Barbara Pravi - Voilà
6 :esc_italy: Måneskin - Zitti e buoni
7 :esc_iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years
8 :esc_lithuania: The Roop - Discoteque
9 :esc_bulgaria: Victoria - Growing Up Is Getting Old
10 :esc_denmark: Fyr & Flamme - Øve os på hinanden

countries that will not take part to Eurovision 2021 (cw war, politics) 

:esc_armenia: Armenia will skip this year's contest because of the Nagorno-Karabakh war, the protests and the political crisis that followed the ceasefire.

:esc_belarus: The Belarusian broadcaster replaced VAL because of their support for the anti-governmental protests. Their replacement, Galasy ZMesta, had both of their songs rejected by the EBU because of their political content.

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