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📌 Please read this before following:

This is my alt Mastodon account and it is intended for a more limited and intimate audience.

My plan is to leave this account locked for now and to accept follow requests only from people who are already mutuals of mine on my main (unlocked) account: @miramarco

So if we haven't interacted that much before, please let's do that through that account first :blobcat:

Lots of love :blobheart:

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By the way, I apologize in advance if I send a follow request to an account of yours if you would prefer me not to follow it. I won't take offence if you decline my request!

I almost tooted about tech on Mastodon, but I caught myself doing that and stopped. Phew


Having dinner really solved half of the problems. That was one of the times I should have remembered the H.A.L.T. method

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I’m broken, tired, and hungry (but I can deal with all of that only in the reverse order)

Back to my own instance, doing my periodic blocklist update

I also made this other emojo :emergency_exit: because it's an awesome sign

two emojos for the covid times 

:wash_your_hands: :wear_a_mask:

I've been thinking of importing some ISO 7010 safety signs as emojos for months, so I'll start from these two for obvious reasons. I am not sure how recognizable they are when they're small but hey, those are the official signs

Not sure if my October display name is scary enough, and it will not work on all clients, but *shrugs*

Every text message exists in a superposition of sarcastic and earnest

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I was bummed that I didn’t receive appreciation for what I’m doing at work, and now that my colleagues are actually doing it, I feel like they’re pulling my leg

I wish there were an easy way to import a custom emojo from another instance, but with a different shortcode

Current situation: Letting people schedule every waking moment of my life and losing control over my own time

It would be nice to have one day to relax, just to relax

I can’t wait for Saturday to arrive, I need some time for myself in which I don’t have to think about the stuff I have to do

One day, when I’ll have fewer extra expenses, I may commission a portrait of myself

I feel as tired as if it were Thursday already

health, physical activity (neutral) 

I walked 15k steps yesterday, and this was, like, the third or fourth time I have done it this year.

Lockdown life has made me less accustomed to walk that much, and now my legs feel unusually tired. I should resume walking more often.

I wonder what would be a polite way to say “Extracting information from you is impossible, so I’ll just drop all of my questions and deal with it on my own”.

(This is a rhetorical question.)

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