I finally finished my set of Solar System emoji!

:sun_photo: The Sun
:mercury_photo: Mercury
:venus_photo: Venus
:earth_photo: The Earth
:moon_photo: The Moon
:mars_photo: Mars
:jupiter_photo: Jupiter
:saturn_photo: Saturn
:uranus_photo: Uranus
:neptune_photo: Neptune
:pluto_photo: Pluto

@severak Weird indeed. No idea why – they look fine on all the instances and clients I use

Venus should be more yellow-light yellow than brown-orange, no ?

@miramarco Scientists murdered Pluto which is why we can’t have fun anymore.

@miramarco :flan_stars: :flan_hearts: :flan_stars:

Seriously, @phessler, can we get these? I see them at

I would frequently use :flan_royal: :trebuchet: :photo_pluto: if available...

@phessler @mwlucas @miramarco Could we import it again under a shortcode of "planet"? :flan_XD:

now you just need thinking versions of each :thaenkin:

Were in the hell can I hey it? 😲🤤🤤🤤

@CedC Mac OS’s Preview was enough for most of them, and I used GIMP for the others

@miramarco hmm the scale seems wrong :thinkhappy:

jokes aside these look great

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