And once again my decision to put my work phone in airplane mode during the weekend proves to be a smart choice

Also, people know that I have a 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday job. Do they really think I am going to answer a work phone call at 8am on a Saturday morning? Let me sleep, for heaven’s sake

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I just learned that, when one of our customers tried to call me on a Saturday morning, they also called one of our project managers.

Who was on vacation.

And it wasn’t even 7am when they called him.

But the weirdest thing is that he answered the call :blobglarecoffee:

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@miramarco What do you do? Forgive me if you've tooted about it already, I have a terrible memory (I'm guessing something with IT because we're on Mastodon and 97% people do something with IT)
Or I guess what I'm asking: what kind of important, life-saving job do you do so that people try to reach you on weekends?

@Juju I am a software developer, and the software I work on runs 24/7 in some cases, so when things go awry, they call me directly, forgetting (or pretending to forget) that we have a customer service office they are supposed to call

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