guilt, mh (-) 

I’ve internalized the mantra of “own your own mistakes” to the point that I stopped defending myself even when it is reasonable to say that my mistakes have been caused or influenced by external factors.

There’s always that thought, “I should have noticed, I should have double-checked”, which makes me feel guilty and give up on placing blame on whatever made me (or let me) make such mistake.


guilt, mh (-) 

The most insidious thing is that this wicked way of thinking applies to my own self the same toxic behaviour that people do to others – that is, describing people’s actions as a result of their nature and not as a response to external input.

I try to understand why people behave in wrong ways without expressing moralistic judgements, but when I reflect on what I’ve done, I can’t help thinking that I make mistakes because I’m instrinsically bad, lazy, spoiled, selfish, etc.

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