I can’t wait to use bookmarks here on Mastodon 🔖

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Anyway, I like writing codes of conducts, or any text in legalese for that matter, because it tickles the mathematic in me: What words should I use to cover all the cases I want to express, and nothing more than that? It's not much different from writing the hypothesis for a theorem

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@AbbieNormal Ho cancellato il post originale, mi sono reso conto che l’avvicinarsi del compleanno mi provoca più ansia che tristezza, e difatti la conversazione ha virato su toni che mi danno fastidio.

Mi fa piacere che tu ti senta bene. Purtroppo non ho lo stesso tuo spirito.

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Does it make sense to make announcements on behalf of a single-user instance?

Well, anyway,

blob.coffee says trans rights

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Oh, today is also my last day in the office for this year. I will be on a business trip next week and then I’ll be on holiday until January 6th

@ondiz Oooh, that sounds exhausting. I hope it won’t be a stressful day to you :blobcatcoffee:

I finally sorted the custom emoji of this instance by mood (more or less).

Wow. I learned about Asexual Awareness Week last year, when someone on Fedi posted a toot *after* the week was over.

I felt a bit disappointed: It would have interested me a lot, and somehow I had missed all the posts‽ Did anyone actually talk about it?

But this year I’m seeing many more posts about Ace Week on my home timeline and it makes me so happy :queercat_ace:

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