A new addition to my Eurovision emoji set: :esc_canada:

(Taken straight from the official Eurovision website, where they announced an upcoming similar contest for the Canadian provinces)

Eurovision 2022 

In a week we will have the full list of artists who are taking part to the Song Contest. The missing ones are:

:esc_switzerland: March 8
:esc_cyprus: March 9
:esc_uk: March 10
:esc_iceland: March 12
:esc_portugal: March 12
:esc_sweden: March 12
:esc_armenia: March 13

We can also expect the songs competing for Azerbaijan, Belgium, Georgia, and Greece to be released shortly.

flu shot 

@Virelai Getting the flu shot at my office is one of the best perks I have at work! I’ve been taking advantage of it since I’ve been working there. I can’t wait for my turn this year :blobsmile:

Apparently .club domains are having registry issues, so I am enjoying this moment until the time the same thing happens to .coffee


@Juju Yeah, I think the current situation is that synthetic CBD oil is legal, but the natural one is not because it *may* contain traces of THC. And there’s the possibility of a public vote on cannabis in the near future, so things can change in a short time.

I’m glad that it helped you with your insomnia! :blobs:


@Juju Oh, I should try it some time. Unfortunately its legal status in Italy keeps changing all the time, and it’s hard to find up-to-date and reliable information :blobmeh:

covid, comparing Italy and the USA 

I feel safe here in Italy, in a place where everyone wears their face mask in indoor spaces. The worst I can see is the occasional person who doesn’t cover their nose, but every person has a mask. And they’re often surgical or even FFP2 (N95) masks, not unwashed bandanas.

After a month spent in a place that had given up in fighting the pandemic while it was going through its worst wave of infections ever, staying here feels much, much safer.

It's a bit late, but I finally made these two custom emoji: :olympics: and :no_olympics:

Current mood: I just looked up “All Star minor key” on YouTube

Ooof, those times when you are watching a movie, you stop it because someone interrupts you with a series of text messages, and when their messages are over you no longer feel immersed in the movie and you struggle to resume watching it because now the movie feels like an extraneous story

currently relaxing to lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to

Here's an emoji that I would have loved to use multiple times this week: a lit matchstick

I am glad to learn that my AC is not broken, it was just my housemate who needed an extra socket so he took a random plug off. (To be fair, the socket is in his bathroom.)


The season of iced coffee has officially begun :blobsip:

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