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This is a public reminder that I will not accept follow requests to this account from people I have not interacted with before.

If you want to follow me, my main account is @miramarco and is not locked. Thank you.

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now you just need thinking versions of each :thaenkin:

I finally finished my set of Solar System emoji!

:sun_photo: The Sun
:mercury_photo: Mercury
:venus_photo: Venus
:earth_photo: The Earth
:moon_photo: The Moon
:mars_photo: Mars
:jupiter_photo: Jupiter
:saturn_photo: Saturn
:uranus_photo: Uranus
:neptune_photo: Neptune
:pluto_photo: Pluto

Zoë Blade's album “Hello Calm” might be one of the very few things in life that actually manage to calm me down (and not make me feel depressed).

an endearing moment from my mom 

Did I tell you that the second time my mother sent me an emoji, she chose a smiling face, then apologized because she wanted to pick another one that was even happier?

phone calls / a few caps 

Me at the phone: “Okay then, goodbye, have a nice day!”

Other person: “You too, goodbye!”

Me (thinking, to myself): Don't end the call now, it would be too abrupt. OK THIS IS THE RIGHT MOMENT— Great, you missed it, now you've been waiting for too long and it's become weird, why haven't you ended the call yet

@Averly Welcome to the club of the people with their own instance! :blobwave:

Oh my. The pile of clothes I have to iron is so tall now that it’s no longer freestanding 😬

By the way, I apologize in advance if I send a follow request to an account of yours if you would prefer me not to follow it. I won't take offence if you decline my request!

I might make a new round of follow requests from this account tonight.

If it's the first time you see this account – hello there! :blobcheerbounce:

A big, big thank you to @mastohost for their flawless and unexpectedly prompt support in setting this instance up!

📌 Please read this before following:

This is my alt Mastodon account and it is intended for a more limited and intimate audience.

My plan is to leave this account locked for now and to accept follow requests only from people who are already mutuals of mine on my main (unlocked) account: @miramarco

So if we haven't interacted that much before, please let's do that through that account first :blobcat:

Lots of love :blobheart:

Hello world! My first toot in my own instance!

This is intended to be a special place for me where I can post more personal stuff and focus my attention on my mutuals, but I will still hang out at my main account at Octodon: @miramarco

The official announcement on my Octodon account will arrive shortly, once I set this place up 😉

a private corner

A personal instance for a relaxing time.