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It’s 09:46 and no colleagues of mine have shown up at this side of the office yet, so I guess I’ll be the only one here today :blobmeh:

Note to self: My own facial expressions, my gestures and my body postures are not as explicit as I think they are. I cannot expect other people to pick up such cues about my emotions, even if I believe that those cues are sufficiently clear. I need to verbalize my emotions instead.

I was lucky that mosquitoes were quite inactive in June and July, but they recovered quickly. I think I have been bitten a dozen times in two days :blobugh:


It’s my last day of work before the summer vacation, and yet I’m more worried about what I’ll have to do today and on the day of my return than elated for the days off I’m about to get

I need a vacation. I’m really looking forward to next week :blobbroken:

I just spent a few hours rearranging my important document folders, with papers from 2015 to this year. The folders weigh 3.3 kg in total, and I’m sure there are some documents still missing :blobdead:

The issue is solved. Now there’s the other customer, who keeps nagging and won’t take “I’m working on it” as an answer :blobugh:

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Isn’t it great when you are assigned an assistance request for a system you barely know, and not only are your most experienced colleagues not available to help you, but also the customer who sent the request is not answering your emails and voicemails :blobunamused:

I’m just going to drop the assistance. It looks like the problem is not on our side anyway 💅

The best part of is all the establishing shots to let us know that the action is still taking place at the campus

Adding new emojos to my personal instance as a little morale booster after updating the blocklist :blobsip:

lewd spoonerism 

I just misread “box set” as “bot sex” :pika:

I am supposed to go to bed in half an hour and I still haven’t packed my stuff for tomorrow’s travel :blobawkward: In my defense, I have been tired all day :blob_sleeping:

My coworkers are chatting about smartphones again, and I’m like :eyeroll: *yawn*

It seems that not all the toots I post from this instance are federating to other ones. I wonder if it's a thing, or a compatibility issue between different versions of Mastodon. If you see this toot, feel free to let me know :blobhalo:

This is the second time I have to decline an invitation to a social event because it conflicts with one of the nights. There’s no way I’m going to miss us livetooting the event :blobpopcorn:

It’s funny that when I’m visibly in a grumpy mood, the people whose presence is more likely to distract me and cheer me up a bit stay silent and mind their own business, while the most annoying people keep pestering me with questions and unwelcome observations

My swimming instructor: I’ve been to NYC during the holidays. Have you ever been there?
Me: Yes, it was 10 years ago.
Her: Oh, so you were a kid back then.
Me: Well, it was my 1st year of uni.
Her: Wait, how old are you?
Me: I’m 29.
Her: I thought you were, like, 22 or 23!
Me: :blobouin:

I am putting my shoes on, and I just noticed that both of the socks I’m wearing have the letter ‘L’ sewn onto them. I am wearing two identical left socks.

Notre Dame on fire, personal sorrows 

On a personal note, my mother has been saying for years that she wanted to visit Paris. Now I feel guilty for not arranging a trip with her earlier.

(Also, Notre Dame was the very first place I visited in Paris when I was there last December. I took the RER from the airport, got to the street level, turned a corner, and there was Notre Dame in all its splendor.)

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