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Oh, today is also my last day in the office for this year. I will be on a business trip next week and then I’ll be on holiday until January 6th

I finally sorted the custom emoji of this instance by mood (more or less).

Wow. I learned about Asexual Awareness Week last year, when someone on Fedi posted a toot *after* the week was over.

I felt a bit disappointed: It would have interested me a lot, and somehow I had missed all the posts‽ Did anyone actually talk about it?

But this year I’m seeing many more posts about Ace Week on my home timeline and it makes me so happy :queercat_ace:

being hungry 

My initial strategy – going to the swimming pool at lunchtime on Saturdays, hoping to find fewer people – was not as effective as I thought. So now I'm going to the pool after lunchtime, which means I'm having lunch after the period after lunchtime… :blobunamused:

work, personal (~) 

Yes, the project is still in a very bad shape, but at least the task I have been assigned now involves quite a bit of problem solving, which makes this job more engaging, rewarding, and bearable than usual

A special thank you to all my lovely mutuals who are putting up with my complaining and who are helping me through this tough time. You are precious and wonderful and amazing :blobhearteyes: code of conduct update 

For the records, I rewrote the code of conduct of this instance (in the ‘about’ page), so now it goes more in detail about what the general principles of moderation are.

(I wasn't intending to publish it today, but I could not change the instance settings because the previous CoC had an invalid html tag – I don't know how that happened – so I took the new CoC from my drawer, formatted it, and published it :blobsmile: )

Omg :blobwoah:

The custom emoji categories show up in the latest version of the Mastodon emoji picker :blobcatsurprised:

This means I can divide the blob emojos by mood :blobidea:

This changes ev-ery-thing :blobwhee:

work complaint 

Why do I even write things in emails if the recipients are not going to read them?

At this point, explaining stuff feels less like “here’s what you need to know” and more like “I’m telling you this, because I know you’re going to complain anyway, but at least I will be able to reply with ‘I have already told you’”

I just learned that, when one of our customers tried to call me on a Saturday morning, they also called one of our project managers.

Who was on vacation.

And it wasn’t even 7am when they called him.

But the weirdest thing is that he answered the call :blobglarecoffee:

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This must have been the 594th “ping” sound I’ve heard in the last 10 minutes from the other side of the office.

I’m sooooo close to go there and shout “This is an open space, for heaven’s sake put that f@€&!ng phone to vibrate mode!”

Also, people know that I have a 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday job. Do they really think I am going to answer a work phone call at 8am on a Saturday morning? Let me sleep, for heaven’s sake

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And once again my decision to put my work phone in airplane mode during the weekend proves to be a smart choice

It’s 09:46 and no colleagues of mine have shown up at this side of the office yet, so I guess I’ll be the only one here today :blobmeh:

Note to self: My own facial expressions, my gestures and my body postures are not as explicit as I think they are. I cannot expect other people to pick up such cues about my emotions, even if I believe that those cues are sufficiently clear. I need to verbalize my emotions instead.

I was lucky that mosquitoes were quite inactive in June and July, but they recovered quickly. I think I have been bitten a dozen times in two days :blobugh:


It’s my last day of work before the summer vacation, and yet I’m more worried about what I’ll have to do today and on the day of my return than elated for the days off I’m about to get

I need a vacation. I’m really looking forward to next week :blobbroken:

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