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Sometimes I wonder whether I should make a website for me. For my photographs. For some blog posts and essays. Maybe to post my long threads, unrolled and easier to read.

My online activity is mostly limited to Mastodon, and the website would be just a supplement of what I usually write on my accounts. Just a place to expand what I already do here.

And it would also be a sandbox where I can experiment with web stuff…

anxiety in dreams, pandemic-adjacent 

As many other people, I’ve been having more unpleasant dreams lately. They’re not always nightmares in the proper sense, but the anxiety I’d like to escape from is seeping into them.

I wonder if it’s just that I remember my dreams more easily now that I am able to sleep in more frequently.

this instance is called, I am drinking coffee in my avatar, and here are all the coffee-related emojos I collected so far 

:cofepats: :coffee_mug: :coffeepot: :cupofcoffee: :mokapot: :blobcoffeeunamused: :chick_coffee_grumpy: :chick_coffee_wired: :blobcatcoffee: :blobcatbluecoffee: :blobcat_thisisfine: :blob_raccoon_coffee: :chick_coffee: :flan_coffee: :blobglarecoffee: :ablobcatcoffee: (and also :kofi:, does it count?)

I can’t wait to use bookmarks here on Mastodon 🔖

Anyway, I like writing codes of conducts, or any text in legalese for that matter, because it tickles the mathematic in me: What words should I use to cover all the cases I want to express, and nothing more than that? It's not much different from writing the hypothesis for a theorem

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revisiting this instance's code of conduct 

In view of the recent events, I decided to revisit the code of conduct of my instance (which still has only one user, but maybe not forever…), so I added a couple of paragraphs on copyright and privacy.

Any feedback is welcome.

CW's (but not really discourse-y) 

tfw you are really in the mood to post something, jump to Mastodon, and one of the first things you see in the timeline is something that you would have preferred to see CW'd and it kills your mood in an instant

Does it make sense to make announcements on behalf of a single-user instance?

Well, anyway, says trans rights

food, hungry 

Oh, what I would give for some bruschette right now :blobhungry:

Oh, today is also my last day in the office for this year. I will be on a business trip next week and then I’ll be on holiday until January 6th

I finally sorted the custom emoji of this instance by mood (more or less).

Wow. I learned about Asexual Awareness Week last year, when someone on Fedi posted a toot *after* the week was over.

I felt a bit disappointed: It would have interested me a lot, and somehow I had missed all the posts‽ Did anyone actually talk about it?

But this year I’m seeing many more posts about Ace Week on my home timeline and it makes me so happy :queercat_ace:

being hungry 

My initial strategy – going to the swimming pool at lunchtime on Saturdays, hoping to find fewer people – was not as effective as I thought. So now I'm going to the pool after lunchtime, which means I'm having lunch after the period after lunchtime… :blobunamused:

work, personal (~) 

Yes, the project is still in a very bad shape, but at least the task I have been assigned now involves quite a bit of problem solving, which makes this job more engaging, rewarding, and bearable than usual

A special thank you to all my lovely mutuals who are putting up with my complaining and who are helping me through this tough time. You are precious and wonderful and amazing :blobhearteyes: code of conduct update 

For the records, I rewrote the code of conduct of this instance (in the ‘about’ page), so now it goes more in detail about what the general principles of moderation are.

(I wasn't intending to publish it today, but I could not change the instance settings because the previous CoC had an invalid html tag – I don't know how that happened – so I took the new CoC from my drawer, formatted it, and published it :blobsmile: )

Omg :blobwoah:

The custom emoji categories show up in the latest version of the Mastodon emoji picker :blobcatsurprised:

This means I can divide the blob emojos by mood :blobidea:

This changes ev-ery-thing :blobwhee:

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