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They’re updating the subway map of Milan with the line under construction plus all the light railway lines, and the map is getting slightly more similar to London’s :blobcatpaw: :milano_metro:

still about fawning 

By the way, yesterday I found out that two things I usually find myself doing – spacing out in social situations and being more honest on social media than in one-on-one conversations – are also symptoms of codependency, i.e. the inability to express personal needs and boundaries in relationships. It makes sense in hindsight.

I’ve finally reached a full burnout again.

mental health, envy 

Maybe the reason why I don't feel remorse for being envious is that I translate that envy into sadness and self-pity rather than anger, and I am used to interpret anger as a feeling to avoid, and sadness as a way to atone for my shortcomings

I've just had a zoom conference with my university friends. Wow, how much I miss them

Oh, now we have to mark *all* notifications as read on Mastodon, not just DMs? :blobcattableflip:

I am very, very, tired. I need rest, especially mental. I can’t wait until it’s Wednesday evening :blobugh:

The last full week of work before the holidays. I'm not sure I have the force of will to work for eight hours today :blobugh:

Five hours of online meetings today. If it’s not my personal record, it’s quite close to it


I’m not the type of person who usually takes naps, but I’m feeling quite drowsy right now. I would drink a cup of coffee if I hadn’t had one just an hour ago

physical health (-), not Covid 

It’s the fourth consecutive day I spend with a headache. It’s not strong and not constant, but ugh, it still hurts. Paracetamol helps for a few hours, but I don’t want to use too much of it. I hope that relaxing a little bit during the weekend will make it go away


Two audio meetings back to back, after waking up with a headache :blobbandage:

Well, I finished working for this week. And it’s already dinner time :blobsurprised:

But will Achilles ever reach the end of his work week? Before 5pm on Friday, he has to wait until 4:30pm, and after that he has to wait until 4:45pm, and until 4:50 after that, and then until 4:51, and then—

I almost tooted about tech on Mastodon, but I caught myself doing that and stopped. Phew


Having dinner really solved half of the problems. That was one of the times I should have remembered the H.A.L.T. method

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I’m broken, tired, and hungry (but I can deal with all of that only in the reverse order)

Back to my own instance, doing my periodic blocklist update

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